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Roy Ruiz Clayton
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He never once stopped being fascinating...In all the years I've known my pal Lou Curtis I never ran into him outside his shop except for the festivals he was in charge of...I think the world as I knew it would change forever if I ran into him at a shopping center or something....He doesn't belong to a town, he just belongs to his wife Virginia and the places and people coming out of a turntable.
My long time pal is moving on but not retiring, he won't be able to retire as a crooning archivist and a walking piece of folk art...His historical mind like a warehouse size jukebox  will be waiting for anyone to find him. Yeah it will be impossible for him to retire his mind. He'll just have a different kinda shop...
I met Lou when I was 18 and I was the only other person in the shop with him that day and I was the only other person in the shop with him pretty much every time I went in there since but it was crowded with legends...That first day I noticed the posters and how everyone had a special name so I came up with one quick..."I'm Riverboat Roy Clayton and I'm from New Orleans, and I want to sing you a song I wrote "New Ballad of Jesse James"......
Roy Ruiz Clayton and the Grave Diggers
Black Market 3, Roy Ruiz Clayton and Shannon Labrie at Lestat's Coffee House, San Diego, CA
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